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Alfresco Living at its finest

How to make your alfresco inviting, purposeful and most importantly how to bring it to life.

Jane Flowers
October 27, 2021

We have all enjoyed the cooler months inside our homes with the heater on, snuggled up in blankets on the couch, but now the weather is getting warmer its time to turn our attention to our outdoor living areas. Whether you have a big timber covered deck or a cute little courtyard that captures the morning sun in just the right way, this blog is for you.

Today we are going to talk about how to revive and restore a sense of freshness to our alfresco space- leaving it feeling brand new!

First and foremost get our your cleaning supplies and spring clean your area. Wiping down the BBQ and furniture that is now covered in dust from hibernating over winter is the best start to seeing what needs to do replaced or washed in your outdoor living space. Give the outside of the windows a clean and hose or mop the floor. Just doing these few little things will freshen everything right up.

Now the cleaning is done, take a look at what you could add to make your space more inviting.

Greenery adds colour and texture. You can use faux plants or pick out your favorite plants and flowers and place them together for impact.

Bright coloured cushions along with a coordinated rug will bring the area together and make it so inviting you will never want to leave.

Dont limit creative features to your interior design. Features such as a sculpture or water fountain creates a sense of character and personality. If you are feeling even more adventurous you could add a pop of colour to one of the walls. Think outside the box and find a piece of art that incorporates steel and brass for that industrial look. Your imagination and style is your own so use it!

Now everything is clean and fresh and you have added some colour take a moment to look around and see if anything is missing.

Maybe your furniture still looks a little tired and worn out and you want to replace it. When shopping for new furniture keep in mind the size of your area. If your space is small, large furniture may make it feel smaller and cluttered. If you have a large area, small furniture may make it seem empty. So focus on incorporating items that will allow you to make the most of your alfresco area, as well as pieces that will stand the test of time with regards to trends and design

Last but not least its now time to organize a BBQ with your nearest and dearest to celebrate the hard work you have put in to creating the perfect Alfresco experience. There really is nothing like getting together on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, having a few beverages and watching the kids on the lawn so what are you waiting for.


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