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6 water consumption management tips for your home

We’ve always been a drought-stricken country, but not since the Millennials drought (which lasted 10 years, 2000 to 2010), has it been more important for all of us as a nation to conserve water. This drought we’re currently experiencing, and the bushfire crisis (2019-2020) has made ‘water’ our number one concern.

Jane Flowers
February 13, 2020

Managing your water consumption in times of drought & water restrictions


While water restrictions can be annoying, we’re Aussies – it’s our dutyto use water consciously and effectively.


To help you do that, we’ve come up with a few tips to help manage yourwater consumption at home…  


  1. Put a timer in your shower

Do you really know how long you shower for? For every minute you’re inthe shower for, an average of 19 litres of water are being used. Forthose with water conscious showerheads, it’s more like 9 litres per minute. Understandingyour habits will help you to become a conscious water saving champion.  


  1. Use buckets!

Collect water while you’re in the shower. Placing a bucket or plastictub in the shower to collect water can be put to good use – water your garden, yourlawn or wash your car with it. Re-using water effectively like this makes a bigdifference. 

  1. Left over bottle & cup     water  

Instead of tipping out water from child’s cup or your water bottle intothe sink, use this water to feed your indoor plants. Always think twice and askyourself whether the water can be used again! 


  1. Is your washing machine full?     No, then don’t turn it on.

Make sure your washing machine and dishwashers are full for every load.Most high-efficiency washing machines use an average of 56 to 113 litres ofwater in every load – old machines can use up to 170 litres. That’s a lot ofwater being used.


  1. Greywater hoses – get     connected.

Connecting a greywater hose to your washing machine is an affordable andwater-friendly way to feed your lawn and garden. Think how happy your lawnwould be to receive over 50 litres of water regularly.  


  1. Mulch it up!

Appling 7cm-10cm of mulch around plants will not only help protect themfrom the sun but will also help save water loss through evaporation. This willensure you don’t need to water your plants as regularly. 

Source: Orange City Council

Source: Bureau of Meteorology


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