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How to make the most out of a change of Season

It’s the 2nd week of Autumn, the start of a new season. With Autumn comes shorter days, cooler nights, the leaves on our trees change colour and its almost time to light the fire.

Jane Flowers
March 8, 2021

Its also a great time to get the little things done around your home that may of got forgotten over the wonderful Summer months.

From giving your lawn a fertilise to creating cosy spaces in your home with Autumn coloured throws and cushions or maybe giving your oven a clean for all the delicious, slow cooked hearty meals you will be preparing over the next few months. There is no better time then now to get your home ready for the cosy cooler months ahead.


1-     Clean your oven

This is often a household chore that gets left season after season but if your like me and love to cook, this is a great time of the year to get it nice and sparkly clean for all the food that will be cooked over the coming months. There are a lot ways to get your oven clean but be sure to read your manual as some products may not be suited to your particular oven.

2-     Change your home décor

There is nothing better then snuggling up under a nice heavy throw rug or chunky knitted blanket when the weather starts to cool down. Take advantage of this time of year and invest in some neutral coloured home décor to really set the theme for Autumn. If your not wanting to buy new cushions you can always just buy the covers and pop away your bright summery ones for next year.

3-     Clean out your fire place

You can feel the nights are getting cooler and your reaching for your slippers. This is a sign that its almost time to light your fire. If you didn’t clean it out at the end of Winter last yr, now is the time to get all the ash and bits and pieces out and ready for this season. Get the dust pan and broom, some paper towel and scrape out the base and clean the sides. Finish off with cleaning the glass and your good to go. May also be a good time to organise wood for the wood box or shed.


4-     Declutter

We usually spend more time inside in the cooler months so take time to declutter your cupboards, draws, kitchens and maybe even go through your children’s clothes wardrobes. This is a good opportunity to give back to the community by donating unwanted clothes and or food/household items you do not currently use.


5-     Change up your curtains

Getting fresh new curtains wont just change the look of your bedroom or living space. In fact, getting the right type of curtain can help with keeping the room insulated. If the heat cant escape, your heating source wont have to work as hard to keep it at a set temperature which can also contribute to a cheaper electricity bill.





So now you have a few ideas to get Autumn ready and really take advantage of a change in season.

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