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Open plan kitchens

Lets talk open plan kitchens.

Jane Flowers
February 17, 2021

Open plan kitchens are one of the most sought out features in a modern family home. They usually combine the kitchen and dining area of the home and some even include a lounge setting as well. With fewer walls, light can flood in and make the space feel a lot bigger and more comfortable.

They are so versatile and this is why we love them.

Hainsbury open plan kitchen

One of the best aspects of a open plan kitchen is it really does bring the whole family together and therefore reinforces that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.

If you love to entertain you can be preparing a delicious home cooked meal while still having a wine and talking to your guests.

Kitchen islands with breakfast bars become the hub where homework can be done whilst catching up with the day’s news. Or if you have young ones they can be watching tv from the lounge whilst you’re in the kitchen but the open plan area allows you to keep an eye on them all the time.

Things to think about

Now you have decided to opt for a design with an open plan kitchen its time to think about how to make it effortlessly flow.

Being one large area, it can be harder to designate a feel or purpose and your kitchen runs the risk of becoming an indiscriminate space. To avoid this you should design the entire room to be cohesive. Furniture like dining suites, breakfast barstools and rugs can be employed to define a specific space within the open plan.

When purchasing furniture it is great to keep in mind the size and shape that will work though this space. Having a lounge that is too big or a dining table that is the wrong shape can make the open plan space look messy and untidy. Its always best to measure the part of the room you want to decorate and furnish and buy to suit, instead of buying first then hoping it works.


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