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Did you Know

What you need to know when it comes to a Granny Flat

Jamie MacDouall
July 22, 2020

The State Government have a policy that all residential land zoned R1 (the majority of in town blocks) are entitled to construct a granny flat up to 60m2 of living area.

Other land zones are also entitled to this but may fall under different government policies.

A granny flat will increase the value of your property,provide for family members that are still independent whilst still being able to access help when required.

A 60m2 home can provide two bedrooms and be fully self sufficient with a laundry, bathroom and kitchen.

BT Homes can build Granny flats for as little as $140,000

The average cost of a nursing home far exceeds this and leaves little to no asset for the family.


With an ageing population, providing companionship and support for your loved ones whilst increasing asset and wealth for your future,a granny flat could be the answer


Come see the team today to explore the possibilities and see the designs that BT Homes has to offer!

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