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Creating that warm and inviting outdoor space for Winter

Just because its cold outside doesn't mean we cant entertain. Here we share some of our tips to outdoor entertaining and how to make your alfresco cozy and inviting this winter.

Jane Flowers
June 23, 2020

 Make your space bright and fun!

Yes, the winter chill can make us feel blue but adding some colour to our outdoor living space can really liven the mood when entertaining. This can be as easy as popping some throws and cushions on our chairs.

Use different patterns to add texture to the space. Warm colours like mustard,walnut and creamy white also add that cosy feeling to your winter evening.

Add in some greenery

Adding in some potted plants or plants in baskets creates a space which feels more intimate and relaxing.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Faux potted trees and artificial plants are the perfect ruse for any gardening novice.    

Fire Pit’s and Fairy Lights

Nothing is more enticing in winter then the warmth of a real fire. Sitting around afire pit toasting marshmallows and smelling the wood burning away is so calming and is good for the soul.

Want a more romantic atmosphere? try adding some fairy lights in jars or hang a lantern from the ceiling.

Last but not least!

We can’t forget about the entertaining essentials... food and drinks! It can be as complicated or easy as you wish.

Asking your guests to bring a plate or slogging it out on your own – that’s your decision and may vary from weekend to weekend.

A simple BBQ allows many dishes so your guests can pick what they like, or a roast dinner is a bit more intimate and time consuming but still very delicious.

Make sure to have some entertaining platters to pop your delicious goods on and you may even consider a bar cart so your beverages are never too far away.


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