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Cures for kid holiday boredom & parental sanity

Our top tips for making the most of Christmas holidays

Jane Flowers
June 16, 2020

Does anything beat the Christmas holidays? Full of festive cheer and fantastic (albeit hot) weather, the chances are that you’re already looking forward to that much-needed quality time with the kids. This is the most wonderful time of year to stick close to your nearest and dearest, after all,and the Christmas holidays can be a whole load of fun.


That said, given just how long the kids have off, this period can also cause problems if you don’t plan for them. Fail to entertain and your kids will misbehave and generally drive you up the wall within a week. Fear not! We have some solutions that could help you guarantee the school holidays run smoothly this year.

Get your kids involved in DIY projects around the home

The school holidays are a fantastic time to get stuck into DIY. Finally,you’ll be able to paint over that chipped paint or hang those pictures!Obviously, you’ll need to call the pros for some things, but getting your kids to help where possible is an excellent way to entertain them, teach them practical skills and get the job done. You will be amazed at how interested they become in caring for your home additionally you will also be creating a culture of responsibility – helping them later in life.


Take the time to find things your little helpers can do, for example:

·        Painting around skirting boards

·        Measuring for pictures

·        Gardening (drought tip: put a bucket at the bottom of your shower to collect water and/or use your child’s bathwater to help keep your plants healthy this summer)


They’ll love it, and your home will soon look fabulous for the festive season, too!

Encourage your children to write a summer diary of daily events

Speaking of helping your kids get creative, it’s also worth encouraging them to keep a summer journal. 6 weeks off school is a long time, after all,and finding fun ways to keep their spelling and grammar up to date is essential. What’s more, journaling can be a fantastic way for them to savour these memories.

To make this extra fun, why not give them a disposable camera each, and encourage them to add pictures each day? This way, you give them an automatic distraction, even on days when you don’t have anything much planned!

Go for bush walks – we have waterfalls people!

The Central West, NSW is brimming with stunning bush trails you can easily take your family on (did you know we have waterfalls?!). There’s the Glow Worm Tunnels near Lithgow, Blue Mountains National Park and just outside of Orange we have the Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve and the Falls Water Falls, Mullion Range.  Too much time at home is terrible for your family’s mental and physical health. That’s why you should also make the most of that lovely summer sunshine by planning a few holiday nature walks. Let your kids take their journal cameras along with them and enjoy watching them run and frolic run amok like all children should be able to!

Research local activities they can be a part of

Shopping centres. local parks and more will likely host activities to keep the kids entertained this holiday. Even better, these options tend to be cheap, or even free for parents who want to do a little last-minute festive shopping! 


Your first port of call should, therefore, be to research local offerings.Such offerings are easy enough to find online, check our Visit NSW for ideas.Or, keep your eyes open for leaflets, etc. As simple as that, you’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time while your kids get stuck in with all manner of fun!

Plan a bake and craft day

Baking and crafting may get pretty mucky when your kids are involved but boy, is it fun! It’s always fantastic to see your kids putting their artistic skills to good use, especially when it keeps them quiet for a few hours!

Even better, there’s plenty to make over the Christmas period. Whether you get your kids making paper chain decorations or have them help with the mince pies, this is a fantastic distraction with practical purposes.

Book a weekend away – treat yourself!

Given that you’ve got 5-6 weeks to kill, you should head away for at least one weekend – treat yourself! Luckily, the summer holidays come with a guarantee of sunshine, so there are plenty of fun and cheap options on offer.Something as simple as a weekend camping session could help you all get a much-needed break, as well as giving the kids something to look forward to.Hello Sydney Kids have some great recommendations for family getaways in NSW,check it out here. Or,you could book a hotel now for affordable prices that can still make a short break well worth your while.


Invite their friends over for a play date

Spending every day with the kids for six weeks can be tough, and the chances are that they’ll get just as bored with you! Break the holidays up by inviting their friends around sometimes. This way, you can get a few hours of peace while the kids rekindle their friendships. You could even spend some much-needed adult time with another parent! And, of course, inviting friends has the benefit of meaning that other parents may buy you some time by returning the favour!



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