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Rainy Day family activities

Yes, today might not be the best day to take your children outside as the cold and rain does not make for a fun time for anyone. Never fear however as i have prepared my top 5 FUN, INSIDE activities to do with your kiddies.

Jane Flowers
August 12, 2020

Build a blanket forte

All toys are better when they're inside a blanket fort, trust me. When the next rainy day comes around, help your kids construct their own super-fort in the family room. My 2 girls come and go from their forte all day and would even sleep in it if i let them!

One word of warning- make sure to explain at the start of the fun that all good builders pack away their mess at the conclusion of the day. I find having this conversation right at the beginning of the blanket forte build-a-thon really helps especially when your little humans are exhausted and dont really want to participate in the clean up.

Have a cook off

Thats right! Get together in teams if possible and have a cook off! My girls like nothing more then getting together with my husband and I and challenging each other to see who can make the tastiest meal, snack, milkshake or anything that they get to eat at the end of it.

Have a movie day/night

This is a good one for the adults as well if you can try and persuade your little one to pick a old school, family movie you watched as a child. Anything Disney is a tick in my house and along with some pop corn and snuggley blankets its a lovely time for us all.

Play a board game, do a puzzle or draw a picture

There's nothing more fun then sitting down with your kids and playing cards, scrabble, pictionary or doing a puzzle together. This is a great time to sit and bond with your children and they may even learn something as well.

I also print out colouring in pictures for my girls or look up photos of animals which they love to draw.

Make some Play-Dough

You may be thinking that this is an outdoor activity but with this full proof recipe all you do is let it dry and get the vacuum. Easy to make with only 5 ingredients that will keep your kids entertained for at least an hr or 2.

The BEST homemade playdough recipe - make in less than 5 minutes for under a $1 and have it last for months! It is so soft and squishy and cuts perfectly with cookie cutters.

SO the next time its rainy, cold and just a bit miserable, try out some of these activities with your kids and i bet you will be hanging out for the next rainy day you get to spend inside with them.


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